“I engaged Prada Bathrooms to renovate the bathroom in my unit, which was pretty much in original condition (the building being 45 years old) and in urgent need of an
upgrade. I had a clear idea of what I wanted from the outset and provided Joe with a list of features I wished to have incorporated in the scheme.

I also informed Joe of potential problems, as I saw them, concerning the existing plumbing arrangements, as well as certain challenges presented by the existing design of the room.Joe demonstrated his ability by confirming with me, at the commencement of the project and during the course of the work, what was possible and practical, and what was not.

I appreciated that Joe was prepared to engage in frank discussions, which occurred from time to time, about the concept as well as a number of technical issues that arose, as they do in any residential renovation. I have an eye for detail and was pleased to observe that Joe paid considerable attention to detail throughout the project.

I also appreciated the fact that Joe was on site and had a ‘hands on’ approach to the project, being engaged in much of the work himself, as well as oversighting other related aspects of the project. The job took a little longer to complete than I had anticipated, but in the end I was very satisfied with the finished product which transformed a poky and unattractive 1970’s bathroom into an appealing contemporary bathroom.

I would recommend Prada Bathrooms.”