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Welcome to Prada Bathrooms

Prada Bathrooms is Sydney’s leading modern bathroom design and renovation company with over 25 years experience

Our bathrooms are designed with class & style in mind. All of which are inspired by our passion to provide you with your very own personal sanctuary to relax & unwind. Our friendly & professional staff will ensure your bathroom renovation experience is stress-free as customer service & customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

So where do you start? Begin with planning and design. Work out what your personal style is. By Spending time building a strong foundation during your planning and design stage will not only ensure an elegant new bathroom but will also save you money in the future. Review our professional design ideas.

The next step most people spend time on is selecting their bathroom tiles. Not all bathroom tiles will work in your space or with your colours.

Once you know what bathroom tiles you will use, think about the look and feel of your bathroom products and fixtures. There are many options to choose from – Work out what will look best for your bathroom renovation.

Ensure the bathroom waterproofing is done by professionals. Don’t cut corners or accept the ‘she’ll be right attitude‘ of some bathroom renovators. Mistakes made at this point can cost a lot of money and may cause a tremendous amount of frustration in the future.

Compare warranties and reputations when deciding who will do your bathroom renovation. At Prada Bathrooms we proud ourselves on building high quality bathrooms that will last you for many years to come.

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Contact one of our bathroom renovation experts on 1300 885 657 to arrange a free quote or fill out the form on our contact page and one of our customer service team will respond.